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“Yes” or “No” to FSBO

One can find real bargains looking at Homes For Sale By Owner, but . . . .

When you find a real bargain on a home for sale by owner, it is usually one that has not yet been advertised and one whose owners have not consulted with a Realtor to get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) before setting the price.

Most people who offer their homes for sale without benefit of a Realtor fall into 4 general categories:

* People who intensely dislike Realtors and don't want to pay one.

* People who have a lot of experience in buying and selling real estate - it may be a business for them, not a one-time thing.

* People who have the time to be available to show their property, negotiate, and take care of the details involved with a sale.

* People who have consulted with a Realtor, know what their house should sell for, and hope to "save the commission" by doing it themselves.

My complete article gives you a closer look at people like these as well as other things you should consider before answering the question Should You Be Looking For A FSBO?

Article by:
Dottie Reuning

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