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Real Estate Today and Tomorrow

Real Estate Today and Tomorrow

Now more than ever, the real estate agent you choose to represent you in your home buying or selling transaction, should possess skills that are far superior to the average agent. Honesty, integrity, skilled negotiator, and professionalism are expected. But now that upwards from 75% of the home buying and selling population visits the world wide web seeking information before they make decisions, it is up to today’s agent to be not just well informed about his market, but also be able to proficiently answer internet requests for assistance. Handling emailed requests for information on available homes and market conditions in his area as well as Internet marketing strategies for the sale of local listings have become the key ingredients in today’s real estate professional’s success. Prompt and courteous responses to emails with detailed information are what is expected and is well received by potential clients. Most potential clients are also looking for information on mortgages rates and types of available loans, homeowners insurance, home inspections, and more. The web savvy agent should be prepared with a tremendous amount of information on his own personal web site, but also be able to help clients find a vast wealth of other information at other reputable web sites. The Internet has created tremendous new resources for the buyer, the seller, and the agent, and if left untapped, could mean less informed decisions and possibly lost time and money for everyone involved if these resources are not utilized to their fullest extent.

The first item on the list of the Home buying Internet consumer is how much house can I get for my money? Since homebuyers are not buying homes regularly, they usually have over-looked the first and most important step of pre-qualification with a lender. Even this can be accomplished over the Internet today. So you see that right from the very beginning of the client/agent relationship, the best advice to be given and accepted is the referral to a loan originator for pre-qualification. The first item on the list of the Home selling Internet consumer is how much can I sell my house for and who can I trust to market my home responsibly and aggressively. In the process of interviewing more than one agent, the selling party should look for a track record of successes in selling homes and what the agent actually did to market the homes that were sold. Ask for client testimonials, marketing plans, and comprehensive value reports to price your home according to the market.

These are just a few suggestions to help today’s real estate consumers. Please visit our web site for more detailed information on relocation and the home buying and selling process.

Article by:
Don DeBaer & Connie Chambers

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