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Selling Your Home in Scottsdale, Arizona

How you can maximize the resale value of your home

My husband and I want to make sure our next house in Scottsdale has maximum resale value, as we plan to live in it for a few years and then sell it, as an investment. What things should we look for to make sure of the greatest resale value?

Location – As in all real estate transactions, location is king. Make sure the house is a good distance from busy streets yet convenient to schools, shopping, cultural activities, etc. Avoid corners and busy intersections in communities.

View – A good view sells at a premium. The view can be very important in Arizona homes, helping to sell your property and enhancing the property value.

Lot and landscaping – A level, rectangular shaped lot sells best. There should be a decent sized front and back yard. You’ll enjoy more value if you buy an under-landscaped home and improve it yourself, as landscaping yields a premium. (Remember, you’re trying to buy the best value and sell for the highest possible later.)

House Size – Don’t buy the largest model in the neighborhood. The homes closest to yours will affect your homes value, so the value of a smaller or moderately sized home can be enhanced by nearby bigger ones. Conversely, a larger home’s value may be negatively affected if it is surrounded by smaller homes.

Rooms – Two and a half bathrooms with 3 or 4 bedrooms is the most popular, so you’ll have more potential buyers.

Garage and Storage – Garages add to the resale value. At least 2-car garages are recommended, although 3-car garages are becoming more popular here. Of course walk-in closets for the master bedroom and plenty of closet space throughout the house. Laundry should be on the first floor, out of sight.

Kitchen – The most important room. The larger the better, with modern appliances. Easy access from the kitchen to the dining room, family room, garage, and back yard are important.

Fireplaces – A fireplace in the family room can add value but don’t pay extra for one in the living room (if separate).

Swimming Pools – Buy for your own enjoyment, as a pool may actually restrict the number of potential buyers (families with children sometimes avoid them for safety reasons).

Article by:
Warren Neal


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